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Published on October 28th, 2012 | by Gabriel


Polaris Office Review

App Name: Polaris Office

Version: 4.0.8
Category: Business
App Developer: Infraware Co.,Ltd
Price: $12.99


We love it!

The demand for portable content creation has increased significantly and there are still not many apps that live up to their reputation. However, if powerful document creation tools are what you are looking for then Polaris Office from Infraware Co. Ltd. is one worth considering from the App Store. The mobile office suite is similar to Open Office sized down to fit into the touch screen. Here’s an opportunity to edit and view documents on your iOS devices while on the move.

To begin with, Polaris Office has a friendly user interface that won’t leave you feeling out of place the first time you use it. The app features a helpful guide for all the buttons and settings in word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations as well. It also allows you to edit and view email attachments. One of its hottest features is cloud support for Google Docs, Dropbox, and, so remotely accessing or saving files is a breeze.

Polaris Office is feature-rich in its own way. There are numerous functions, 2D/3D charts, 15 templates, social media sharing options, and what is interesting is that you can directly apply photos taken by your camera to documents. The app does a good job of loading documents with relative speed while the interface is, for the most part, neat, and not cluttered. Hats off to the developers for considering the limitation of the small screen of the iPhone. You can switch to landscape mode when creating documents where you are presented with a screen clear of any interfaces which reappear in portrait mode. Check out the sample documents that are preloaded and you can learn much about the app and its features.

One major difference in controls from most of the other apps is that you need to double tap to select text. Once inside a document you can only scroll by touching the margins, which becomes a tad bit difficult on an iPhone. Most tools cover the basics which include formatting text, saving files in different formats, modify cells, sort, and more. At $12.99, Polaris Office offers value for money as a business productivity app. The app works on both iPhone and iPad with no other fees to deal with. Tweaking some controls like double tap for text selection is something we would like to see in future updates while more storage options to its cloud support will always be welcome. Nevertheless, Polaris Office is worth it.

POLARIS Office 5 – for Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel documentsInfraware Co.,LtdBusiness$ 12.99Download


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